Feb 04

19 Distinctions for Percy Mdala High

Percy Mdala High School

66% pass rate
19 distinctions
35 Bachelor Degree passes
40 Diploma passes
26 Higher Certificate passes

Percy Mdala High School, in Knysna, increased their Matric pass rate by 21%, from 45% in 2010 to 66% in 2011.

This was a combination of hard work by the pupils and assistance fr0m Oakhill School.

Oakhill School, an independent school in Knysna, was asked to collaborate with Percy Mdala to help raise their Matric pass rate for 2011. All 24 candidates who attended extra lessons at Oakhill passed their final examination and twenty candidates met the minimum requirements for Bachelor Degree Studies, two attained a Diploma pass and two achieved a Higher Certificate pass.

Oakhill is proud to be associated with these wonderful results and congratulates Headmaster: Nicholas Njozela and his staff. Percy Mdala Headmaster, Nicholas Njozela said: “Oakhill teachers were so patient and considerate when working with our learners and the school and Governing Body really appreciate the efforts of the teachers involved.”

The staff at Oakhill, and the community at large, congratulate this group of Matrics warmly and are immensely proud of their achievements. Oakhill Headmaster, Shane Kidwell said: “Oakhill continues to make a significant impact in the community of Knysna. Our school motto is ‘The Joy of Learning’ and it is fantastic to see schools collaborating and working together to ensure success for all the young people of South Africa. Partnerships of this nature make all the difference and bringing our nation’s youth together builds hope and friendships which will build a stable, sustainable future for all.”

Oakhill is proud to have made a difference and we look forward to developing this exciting relationship with Percy Mdala in both Grade 11 and Matric in 2012.